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Poppy Parker Mood Changers WClub Exclusive

2015, The Model Scene Collection, Dressed Doll GiftSet

Article code: PP079

Poppy Parker Mood Changers WClub Exclusive

Doll Tech Specs:
Body Type: FR 2013 (with body connect feature)
Head Sculpt: Agnes Von Weiss
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Japan
Color Hair: Platinum
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

Agnes Von Weiss is the ultimate socialite, the aristocrat that everyone dreams of one day meeting and she knows it. 
Smart and beautiful, the Baroness can be temperamental, mischievous and unpredictable at times, but everyone still loves her... 
There's just something about "La Von Weiss" that magnetizes her fans all over the world!

Baroness Agnes Von Weiss is a 12" articulated vinyl doll featuring long, luscious, fully-rooted platinum hair and hand applied eyelashes. 
Agnes shows her sass in a perfectly scaled, chic printed chiffon cocktail dress, cinched at the waist by a narrow patent leather belt. 
Her look is accessorized by a fashionable cloche hat, patent leather shoes, gloved hands, earrings and a gorgeous bright red clutch. 
Doll stand and certificate of authenticity included. 
For adult collectors ages 15 and up.

euro 315.00