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Poppy Parker Mood Changers WClub Exclusive

2015, The Model Scene Collection, Dressed Doll GiftSet

Artikelcode: PP079

Poppy Parker Mood Changers WClub Exclusive

Doll Tech Specs:

Head Sculpts: Poppy
Body Type: Poppy Parker
Quick Switch Feature: Yes
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Colors: Auburn (Head # 1), Raven (Head # 2), Lilac (Head # 3)
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

It's been a busy week for Poppy Parker, from an assignment for "Jazzy Jewels" where she is the picture of elegance, to a shoot for the latest in swinging pantsuits for a hip new catalog, to a groovy assignment modeling futuristic garb for "Way Out!" magazine. No matter the look, Poppy is perfectly prepared for all of her changing moods! 

This unique and exciting Poppy Parker dressed doll gift set features three individual fashions and three unique heads that utilize the Quickswitch feature. 

Poppy's first look is an elegant party dress in black satin with silver and black organza overlay. Glittering jewelry, a matching bolero jacket and black hose and shoes complete this "Jazzy" ensemble. Her hair is in a side swept low bun in a lovely shade of auburn and her makeup is in smoky shades of gray. 

The second look is a delicate lace pantsuit in a vision of sea foam. Satin trim details finish off this lovely look on Poppy. Her side parted raven wavy hair accentuates her stunning makeup in complementary shades of sea foam. 

The last look is a stunning pale pink mini dress with silver sequin trim. It's out there and it's fun! Completing the look is a smashing hairstyle in a subtle shade of lilac and pink makeup making for over the top goodness!

Poppy Parker is a 12-inch vinyl/plastic articulated fashion doll with three fully rooted, interchangeable heads. 
Comes complete with accessories and a doll stand. 
For adult collectors ages 15 and up only.

euro 315.00