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Rising Sun Kyori Outfit

2011, WClub Exclusive, LE 420

Article code: 91257

Rising Sun Kyori Outfit

What would you do if you were a top fashion model tired of your luxurious Parisian lifestyle and looking for a little mischievous fun? Well, you’d go on a totally extravagant and luxurious cruise of course! As her name suggests, Rising Sun Kyori Sato (this year’s Fashion Royalty W Club upgrade doll) is ready for an exotic cruise in this simple yet ultra elegant resort ensemble. It includes an exquisite tanned Kyori Sato doll with a shoulder length curled brunette hairstyle with bangs and applied eyelashes, eggshell two piece resort set with smart contrasting mandarin “leather” belt, turquoise open-toe strappy heels, intricate necklace and matching earring set, doll stand and certificate of authenticity.

euro 65.00