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The Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie

2009, My Favourite Barbie, Vintage Repro

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The Original Teenage Fashion Model Barbie

One highly sought after Barbie doll is the very first doll, introduced at the New York Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. A phenomenon, this blonde bombshell featured the now famous black and white bathing suit, sultry features, and ponytail. This 50th anniversary version is the most faithful reproduction ever, even down to the foot holes made for the original doll stand! Included in package is a reproduction of the very popular Solo in the Spotlight fashion #982 from 1960, along with a reproduction vintage booklet. Finally, 50th anniversary collectible cards portray a vintage image reproduction on one side, and fascinating, little known Barbie fun facts on the back. 

Designed by Bill Greening.

euro 89.00